Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night - Mega Display

CR Hut


🎆🔥Mega Display - Fireworks & Bonfire Night! 🔥🎆

Last year we worked with Carol Millgate (Childminder) on this one. Carol wanted a display for fireworks that could also link to other areas such as Halloween, New Year and Bonfire Night. This Mega display tries to cover it all including:
- 8x Firework/Bonfire Velcro attachable words
- 2x A4 posters
- 6x fireworks displays around the world (multicultural link)
- 4x fun facts (multicultural links)
- 4x fireworks sounds words
- 4x fireworks rhyme time cards (suitable with links to our rhyme time pack)
Supplied with a GripSeal bag and tag!

A versatile display idea that can be used in many ways and adapted to suit your setting at different times throughout the year.

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