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✏️🐷 CVC Word Bundle🐷☀️
CVC words are a great way to begin the transition from letters and sounds to formal writing. This pack offers a range of simple activities to help little ones begin their writing journeys.

The pack focuses on 30 CVC words that cover all single letters sounds (except q) ensuring a complete coverage.

Activities can be extended and simplified, from simple matching activities through to word writing and blending. The pack includes:

- CVC picture fan
- CVC word fan
- CVC picture cards
- CVC word cards
- CVC dry wipe writing cards
- 5x CVC bingo games.
- FREE Guide

This pack supports a range of activities and can be used in your setting or as a send home resource.

This pack also includes a FREE stage 2 guide, including CVC teaching and idea support. 

Currently available uncut only.

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