EY Assessment - Mega Bundle

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📚📊 EY Assessment Mega Pack 📊📚
This pack covers everything you need and more, regarding assessment in the Early Years. This pack includes:
📌 Development Matters & EY Outcomes 
The 2 key government documents with all the guidelines and official assessment and progress criteria for children in the early years.
📌 EYO & COEL  Mini Checklist ( uncut )
📌 EYO - Individual Tracker 
An organised way to track the progress of individual children in all areas of learning. Date or highlight for an easy to follow progress document. Suitable on its own or to form part of a learning journey
📌 EYO - Setting Tracker 
Access the progress in every strand, for every child in your setting, from one central document. With space for 20 children, simply date and you will have an easy to follow progress timeline for every child at a quick glance, without having to trawl through every learning journal or piece of assessment information. Also includes assessment for the characteristics of effective learning!

Each item can be purchased separately 

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