Learning Journeys

CR Hut


📗Learning Journey📗

Our learning journeys aim to cover everything and include...
- All about me
- Parent review page
- 100x next steps spaces
- Short hand key code for observations
- Example observation
- 60x look and note observation forms
- 25x photographic observation forms
- My work record
- 3x assessment summaries (for reporting to parents)
- 2 years check ready to complete template
- 4x watch me grow (additional photo space)
- Section divider pages
- Spine sheet (for unbound versions)

You may have noticed that each page has either a green or red question mark near the top? This is to help parents, inspectors or staff to understand and use the learning journey effectively. It includes guidance and information about what the page contains. The red question marks are to make parents aware that they need to complete some part of that page, we know how they can forget 😉

These are available in 2 formats...
Bound and protected 
Unbound - suitable for a folder (folder not provided)

Ofsted favourites...