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🌟 NEW!! In The Moment Resources 🌟
When children are playing and selecting what to do themselves they can become deeply engaged in what they are doing. At this point the child is in the moment!
We’ve had a lot of requests for resources to support ‘in the moment’ assessment planning and more. This is something I learnt a lot about at university and something we implemented in our setting under the term child initiated learning.
The principles are the same and we’ve made a pack this weekend that will help you understand and implement ‘in the moment’. This system will dramatically reduce paperwork while still ensuring you’re covering the curriculum and demonstrating this to Ofsted in an inspection.
This is an extremely comprehensive pack that will help you at any stage you’re at and will provide you with the tools to begin integrating this system into your setting. You can purchase this pack as a whole or in part.
The pack includes:
🌟 In The Moment Ultimate Guide! £7
This guide covers everything you need to know. From the background through to setting up your learning areas. It includes example observations and audits of your environment. This is a great starting point for anyone looking to start using this system.
🌟 Observation Journal - £5
Each child will need one of these. The journal is your space to record those observations, often referred to as ‘teachable moments’. The book contains over 100 simple but effective observation templates. There is also space on the opposite page for photographs when appropriate!
🌟Environment Audit - £4
It is essential to create an environment that stimulates curiosity and enables each and every child to engage in activities that are not led by an adult. This guide will help you continually evaluate your learning environment which is key to ‘in the moment’. It’s also a great way to demonstrate how you are a reflective practitioner to Ofsted! - Written examples included!! 👍
🌟 Likes & Dislikes 10x sheets - £4
When you start using this system it is important to begin by getting to know what sparks each child’s interest and curiosity. There is no better way of doing this than using home links and getting feedback from parents. This sheet has also been cleverly designed to also inform parents about ‘in the moment’ without being too detailed and confusing and without the need for a separate letter!
🌟 Proud Clouds 10x sheets - £4
Just like wow moments you can keep parents in the cycle with these proud clouds. They can form a display or be placed inside the Journal.
❤️ SAVE With the complete pack for ONLY £20 + POSTAGE

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