NEW! The Ultimate Childcare Diary

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Running your own childcare business effectively and profitably can become time consuming. This diary has been specifically designed to help take the stress away from the administrative part of the job.

The 'ULTIMATE CHILDCARE DIARY' aims to be one simple to use document, with advice and support along the way - saving you hours of time and keeping you organised throughout the year!

Due to the unique format of this diary it can be started at any point in the year and will last for 52 weeks from the date started. So whether you prefer an academic diary, an account year diary or a standard diary this will work for you!

The diary supports with ALL of these areas...
✅ General Diary Entries
✅Ratio/Child Management
✅Planned Outings/Activities
✅Mileage/Expense Claims
✅Record of Food Provided
✅Hygiene & Safety
✅Fridge & Freezer Temp Records
✅Food Temp Records
✅Risk Assessment
✅Hours Open
✅Medication Record
✅Accident/Incident Records
✅20x Child/Parent Payment Records
✅Monthly Income
✅Monthly Expenditure
✅Household Cost Claims & Guidance
✅Additional Yearly Expenses
✅Overall Yearly Income
✅TAX advice and Rates
✅NI Advice and Rates
✅Staffing Costs & Holiday Record
✅Fire Drill Record (16x entries)
✅Visitor Record (30x entries)
✅20x Child Information
✅Key contacts

The 'ULTIMATE CHILDCARE DIARY' is 152 pages, fully bound with full colour on EVERY PAGE providing you with advice and support along the way. The diary can be spread open to A3 size providing additional space to keep your busy schedule organised. 'Sensitive' information can easily be folded over while discussing arrangements with parents. The Diary has space for up to 20 children and 4 staff!

Do you have a larger setting?
We do also have a 'LARGE SETTING DIARY' for space for up to 40 children and 8 staff!

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