Learn Letters Book - Series - HOMESCHOOL

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✏️Learn Letters Book - Series✏️
This set has been created as a resource to use in your setting or to send home and show learning and support beyond your setting. These fully laminated and bound books are in four stages and support the progression towards accurate letter formations and letter recognition. They can be used with a dry wipe pen for repetitive practice and durability.
🎯 Stage 1 - Pen control - 18 named pen control patterns to support the movements required for letter formation
🎯 Stage 2 - Lower case - A-Z with colourful photograph images
🎯 Stage 3 - Lower & Uppercase - A-Z with colourful photograph images
🎯 Stage 4 - Lower case Plus - Advanced A-Z lower case with copy space, blank lines, complete the words and a fun and creative extension task to support in your setting or at home.
These are progressive resources that build carefully towards accurate letter formations without support.

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